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4.8 stars | 44 reviews
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Junk Removal Service FAQs 

How does your junk removal service work?

We send two men and a truck to your home or business. In most cases, we charge based on the space the items take up on the truck or trailer. This is an industry-standard. The cost per cubic yard charged on the truck goes down as more space is used. The larger the load, the less cost per cubic yard.

Are there additional fees?

In some cases where there are a lot of stairs involved, elevators, or distance to the truck, an additional fee may be applied. We have additional charges if there are bed bugs or other sizable infestations. If this is a hoarder situation, there is generally an additional cost per floor or load.

How big is your truck?

This is an excellent question because many in this industry have 10’ and 12’ trucks. We always quote our 14’ truck with 5’ high sides. We tend to provide more space for the same or less money than our competitors. It’s important you compare apples to apples and ask this question about size. Now, with that said, we have various-sized trucks and trailers, including some 12’, 14’, and 16’ box trucks as an example. However, the “cubic yard cost” quoted on our 14’ truck is generally the same on all our trucks and trailers. So you can rest assured that no matter what truck or trailer we send, your overall cost works out to be the same.

Do we have to be onsite when you do the work?

No, not necessarily. If the items are outside, we can pick them up, or if there is a lockbox on the house, we can use that. Any representative on site will work, as it does not necessarily need to be you. Many real estate agents usually provide us with a lockbox code.

What items do you take?

Generally, anything you find within a home or business. Trash, construction debris, furniture, mattresses, yard waste, miscellaneous items that accumulate within your yard, etc. There are some exceptions, such as chemicals or hazardous waste. In limited situations, we can take paint for an additional charge, but it can get expensive. We can recommend a place for you to take them at no cost or minimal cost to homeowners. They must also be labeled and in good condition for us to take them. Ask about these types of items when you call to make your appointment.

Do any items have extra fees?

Yes. Tires, TVs, and some oversized items such as pianos, hot tub removal, or other large items. Call for pricing.

How much notice do you need to schedule an appointment?

This varies from same-day service up to two weeks out. Try to provide as much notice as possible so we can try to accommodate your needs. We have been in business for over 12 years and have a lot of repeat customers. We do the best we can to meet your schedule. Please call and give us the opportunity to serve you. If we cannot meet your requirements, it is not a problem. We appreciate you reaching out to us and look forward to helping you in the future.

Dumpster Rental Services FAQs

How long can we keep the dumpster?

Typically, it’s a 7-day rental period, which is included in the fee. You can call to have it removed sooner if you are done with it. If you need it for more than seven days, call for current daily rates. We generally need to know at the time of initial rental if you need it longer than seven days. If it’s not already scheduled for more than seven days, call us, and if it’s not already rented to another customer, we can provide you the current daily rate and extend your term.

What size dumpsters do you have?

We have 12 cubic yard and 16 cubic yard dumpsters. We also offer a dump and return service at a reduced rate (this is where we pick it up, empty it, and return it to you).

What are the dimensions of the available dumpsters?

12 Yard Dumpster is: 12' long x 7' 6" wide (top), Tapered - 6' wide (bottom) x 43" high
16 Yard Dumpster is: 12' long x 7' 6" wide (top), Tapered - 6' wide (bottom) x 61" high.
You can see over the side of the 12-yard; however, the 16-yard container is too high to see into it. Both sizes have gates on the back where you can walk in to load them.

What can we put in the dumpsters?

Basically, household waste or other household items, furniture, construction debris, brush, and limbs, but they cannot be mixed in with other items. The dumpster would need to be all brush and limbs for recycling purposes. No chemicals of any kind, no tires, no large appliances unless the load is just appliances. No computers, monitors, or TVs. Call if you are not sure about anything, and we can provide guidance.

What is included within the dumpster rental fee?

It includes delivery and removal of the dumpster and disposal fees up to the included amount. 12 Yard includes up to 1 ½ tons (3,000 lbs) of contents, and the 16 Yard includes up to 2 tons (4,000 lbs) of contents. We can carry up to 4 tons on each, but there is an additional fee for the amounts over the included.

Can you set the dumpster on the lawn?

Yes, depending on conditions at the time of delivery. Weather and time of year can have an impact on this, as well as soil conditions. We need a relatively hard surface.

Will you protect our driveway?

We roll the dumpsters onto wood planks to help protect the driveway's surface.

How high over the sides of the dumpster can we fill it?

Waste must be level or below the top of the roll-off dumpsters. This is for safety, so the tarp can cover it as required by law.

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